Zephyr Halters

Designed by Marty McGee Bennett and handmade to her exact specifications by Mennonite harness makers. A well designed halter should be SAFE, COMFORTABLE as well as EFFECTIVE as a tool to communicate with your camelid or you shouldn’t use it.  Camelids are semi-obligate nasal breathers-meaning they breathe through their nose. A halter that slips forward on the nose bone will compress the nasal cartilage and compromise the airway and your animal will likely panic. For a halter to be comfortable it must offer enough room in the nose band for an animal to eat and ruminate.  A well fitting halter fits the head NOT the nose.

The Zephyr halter is proportioned very differently than other halters. Properly adjusted a halter will stay put well up on the nose bone and still offer plenty of room for comfort. Halters that are not safe or comfortable will lead to behavioral problems that can be difficult to overcome such as: extreme halter avoidance, bucking and panic on the lead, kushing and refusing to lead. For a more complete description of the features and benefits of this halter and very specific instructions about how to properly fit the Zephyr Halter download this pdf.

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