Introduction to CAMELIDynamics

The Keystone of Marty’s educational program is the Introduction to CAMELIDynamics. Learn why CAMELIDynamics is the most popular training system for camelids and is still going strong after 30 years!


  • CAMELIDynamics what it is, how it can help you!
  • The Science of Behavior–why doing things in a kind and respectful way is also the most scientifically sound approach!
  • The basics of balance and the physics of animal handling
  • Herding, catching haltering
  • Halter fitting–the magical effect of understanding how a halter works
  • TTouch and using bodywork as means of communication with your llama or alpaca.
  • MORE!

If you have been to a weekend training with Marty in the past you can attend the Introduction to Camelidynamics at a substantial discount. Not only will you get a valuable refresher but this one day introduction will up date you on the latest innovations, techniques and information.