Science Based Solutions

slider2Like the Law of Gravity or the Principles of Physics, the Laws of Behavior are always in operation in our world. Understanding the Laws of Behavior and their effect on the animals in your life, makes working with animals easier and more interesting. Learn to use the principals of behavior to create cooperation instead of resistance and fear.

Use the Motivational triad: all organisms move toward things of value, avoid aversive situations and use the least amount of energy to do both– to organize your approach to animals so that you gain their cooperation and trust.

    • Learn a host of subtle behavioral cues you may not have noticed, to gain a deeper understanding of your llamas and alpacas.
    • Learn to have a “conversation” with your animals using your hands and body and listen and speak their language instead of using force or rote repetition.
    • Learn how to operationalize behavior and understand the problem with labels.
    • Learn how CAMELIDynamics can teach you how to problem solve using Antecedent strategies.
    • Learn and practice the basics of Event Marker Training.