CAMELIDynamics Hands-on Courses

For over 25 years Marty has been teaching people how train, manage and most importantly understand their llamas and alpacas. Her classes are well organized, fun and chock full of information that will improve the relationship you have with your animals.

Marty teaches CAMELIDynamics around the world. Each event is unique.  Clinics are usually 1-4 days and begin with a one-day introduction to CAMELIDynamics including an update on the latest techniques and information. The remainder of each clinic, usually 2-3 additional days, are chosen from a variety of course material–a list and links to more detailed course descriptions are below. Visit Marty’s calendar page for a complete list of currently scheduled events, locations and course content. You can request more information or signup on line.


I truly do want to thank you for an incredible learning experience and fun, valuable class. You were fabulous! What a great teacher… your explanations and demonstrations were perfect, the use of the teaching aids and having us try certain maneuvers on each other were invaluable, and your enthusiasm and sense of humor made it all a lot of fun. Fantastic job!!! Thank you so much for a great weekend of learning. ~ Janie, California