What is CAMELIDynamics?


CAMELIDynamics is the result of Marty McGee Bennetts over 30 years of experience with camelids. It is a collection of methods that represent the most positive least intrusive techniques for training and managing camelids. Marty is one of only a hand full of Instructors certified by Linda Tellington-Jones, one of the most respected animal educators in the world today.

Martys methods incorporate elements of TTouch and Lindas innovative ground exercises that teach animals and handlers understanding and teamwork. CAMELIDynamics is an approach to training and managing llamas and alpacas that teaches the handler to use an understanding of behavior, balance and leverage to set the stage for cooperation instead of relying on restraint and force.

CAMELIDynamics is a set of skills that, once learned, make every animal easier to work with. Whether an alpaca or llama plants his feet and refuses to come forward, resists wearing a halter or wont stand for toenail trimming Camelidynamics offers sane, scientifically sound answers that anyone can learn and use safely.

Camelidynamics will show you:

  • How to teach young animals to lead without drama.
  • Be more successful in the show ring
  • Set up your farm in a way that will eliminate handling frustration and save you time.