About Marty McGee Bennett

Marty McGee Bennett the founder of CAMELIDynamics has traveled from the wilds of Patagonia to Peru and around the world studying llamas and alpacas and teaching others to understand them. Marty has always been interested in animals and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Behavior. She has studied with some of the most influential animal trainers and teachers in the world Linda Tellington-Jones, Terry Ryan, Karen Pryor, Bob Bailey, Dr. Susan Friedman, Teresa McKeon, Dr. Susan Brown and others. She has created a constantly evolving method for understanding and working with camelids in a way that not only gets the job done but enhances the human animal bond.

Marty’s clinics, books and videos have helped thousands of camelid owners more fully understand, appreciate and enjoy this magical animal. Martys book The Camelid Companion published in 2001 now in it’s 4th printing has received rave reviews in publications worldwide. Conducting hundreds of clinics in North America and around the world have kept Marty on the road for much of the past 30 years. Her work with camelids is popular with owners and veterinarians alike.  She has taught the principles of animal handling to veterinarians and at veterinary schools around the world. It is true that Marty works magic with alpacas and llamas, taming even the wildest ones in just a few minutes, but the real magic is that she can teach you to do it too!

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