We regularly receive many of the same questions and concerns. I’ve provided a list of the most common questions.  Please contact me, or check our forums to learn more.

How much does a clinic cost?

The cost of a clinic will vary depending on the numbers of days and the extra options and discounts available to the registrants. For specific information about events and how to sign up visit Marty’s calendar page

How do I host an event?

Hosting an event is fun and Marty provides support and information to make hosting easy. If you are interested in hosting an event email marty@camelidynamics.com and request a hosting packet.

Where can I buy equipment?

You can buy equipment in our online store and we ship worldwide. We also have a network of distributors. You can also purchase equipment from a CAMELIDynamics consultant as well as get hand on help on your farm. Equipment is also available at each CAMELIDynamics event.

Is there a discount if I attend a clinic a second time?

YES! If you have attended a clinic in the past you are eligible for a substantial discount on the cost of the Introduction to Camelidynamics. For more information about discounts check the information about a specific event.

Will Marty present a demonstration at our event or show?

Yes! Marty presents demonstrations for breed clubs, associations and at Llama and Alpaca Shows. If you are interested in making CAMELIDynamics a part of your next event contact marty@camelidynamics.com for more information and availability.