Leading with Balance and Refinement


Showing is perhaps the most challenging environment you and your animal are likely to navigate. This class will teach you how to use refined leading techniques and balance to help you and your animal show well and have fun.

  • Learning how to get an animal to stand still on a lead
  • Balance, Balance, Balance! How understanding it helps you show your animal to his or her best advantage
  • Knowing how your behavior effects your animal in the show ring and when you are leading him.
  • Learning how to groom or prepare animals for showing or other events without trauma
  • Specific skills for the showring showing the bite, balancing leading in the ring
  • Leading with refinement, competing over obstacles, trailering, and teaching to wear a pack or costume
  • Using bodywork for your llama or alpaca as a way of relaxing him before, during and after competition
  • Obstacles and how to use them to create confidence