Leads & Ropes

Apart from the halter, the most important piece of equipment in your training tool box is the right lead for the job. 

Any lead you use should: 

• Be light weight and comfortable for your animal to carry around with his head
• Work effectively as a tool to communicate signals and cues from your hand to the animals head
• Be comfortable and safe for the handler to use
• Be LONG enough that your animal can get at least an arms length away from you when he is frightened

All Zephyr Leads are purpose designed by Marty McGee Bennett and hand made. All Zephyr Leads feature a solid brass hooks that do not have a swivel. Hooks with swivels create a disconnect between the handler and the animal. Subtle signals on the lead are lost as the hook swivels, teaching the handler to use crude gestures in an attempt to communicate instead of refined cues. The result is often an animal that becomes hard headed.

For detailed information about how and when to use the various types of leads refer to Martys big training book The Camelid Companion.

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