We have heard a lot of good things about you in the past year, and now we know why, you're awesome!  We learned so much this past weekend and we feel the timing could not have been more perfect.  I really love the message of alpaca/llama compassion you teach. I find in very powerful to put yourself in someone else's shoes (or pads and overgrown toenails) and see the world from their optic.

 We plan to put your techniques into practice, and you caught us at the right time, before we established bad behaviors!

Thanks for being the voice of reason, I wish more people would take your class and hear your message.  If alpacas and llamas could write, I think they would nominate you as their Ambassador.  But until then, you have a lot of clicker training to do to get them to use a word processor so that they can make that nomination 🙂

You are doing a great thing!


March 8, 2015