When the vet was here to do the followup staining on Tate's eye, she was clearly very impressed. Now, we have used her for 35 years, so we know each other quite well, having gone through some 12-15 dogs, etc. She has seen me working with the herd since I got them in February, and she has made some comments about how calm they have become. She said that when she had left, after the diagnosis, she had wondered along with her helper, how I was going to administer the ointment. I showed her the video... After we worked on Tate, she wanted to see our girl Dia, who we are hoping is very pregnant, but, she said, they are way up in the field. So Carol says, no problem, I'll call them. And Christine says, you mean they will come when you call? Yup. And they all came running down to see what was happening. She has taken care of the herd for about eight years or so, and she told us that they were always shy and skittish, that every visit was a chore with corner and grab, and never with a halter because there was so much angst associated with it.

So now, she sees me using the Camelidynamics methods, not that she understands what I'm doing, but she just gets out of the way and lets me catch, halter, whatever, before she has to do her thing. She actually wishes she could take me along on other alpaca farm visits. My point: aside from me, the only difference for these alpacas is Camelidynamics and your influence. And the transformation is truly remarkable. A friend of ours who had seen them when they first came in Feb, when they were just getting used to handling, came yesterday with some family, and all the girls and boys immediately came down to the paddocks to visit. She was blown away. Granted, the prospect of food was there, but when I would go see them at the former owner's farm, they would not come near me, even with grain.

I'm so glad I came upon Camelidynamics before I got into this, and that I had the sense to bite the bullet and come to the clinic. It has made all the difference in the world for me, and more importantly, for the alpacas, whose well-being I place above my own. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart! John

John Chickering December 17, 2015