Balance, Balance, Balance

I am getting somewhat caught up so I am reviewing all newsletters and forums that I have missed; however, that is not to say that I have forgotten your teachings.  Your book is at my bedside for reference at all times and your techniques are applied on a daily basis.  Approaching llamas from the viewpoint of a behaviorist puts a complete different light on the matter.  We are doing feet, shots, weight etc. right now and I have again discussed the concept of balance.  The co-owner is in charge of nails and it is amazing how easy the llamas have become with your advice.  I usually hold and we use the chute.  I monitor to make sure the llamas are always balanced and comfortable.  The co-owner has applied your approach to lifting legs and the llamas are already lifting their legs as she approaches.  No fuss.  As I hold the lead, they calmly get on the scale and stand while I'm reading the numbers.  The scale does not have any barriers around it.  Of course we also have the llamas that are work in progress but using your tools and techniques makes it look easy when working with one that is still learning the ropes.





February 5, 2017